Providence Attorneys Aiding Slip-and-Fall Injury Victims

Property owners are required by law to offer secure environments to their patrons and visitors. To put it simply, they need to use common sense to prevent safety hazards and crime.

They need to shovel snow. Remove ice. Mark and repair potholes. Mop up wet floors. Maintain lighting and other security measures. When they fail in these responsibilities and others, people get hurt.

At Mesolella & Associates LLC, we step in when negligent property owners cause accidents, including trip-and-falls, in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. We are innovative lawyers who counsel injury victims and provide aggressive legal representation in premises liability cases.

What is premises liability? Under the legal theory of premises liability, property owners are liable for injuries that occur on their properties. Anything from a slip-and-fall injury sustained on a public sidewalk to an assault in an unlit parking ramp can lead to a premises liability claim.

Protect Your Rights. Don't Sign Anything Without An Attorney's Review.

Property owners typically carry insurance policies that cover premises liability claims. Of course, insurance companies are motivated by their pursuit of profits to deny and limit valid claims.

For example, people who slip and fall in grocery stores and parking lots are frequently pressured into signing settlement agreements before they even understand the extent of their injuries. By signing such a contract, you might waive important rights — including your right to seek full and fair compensation.

Nonetheless, most people don't want to deal with insurance companies' pressure tactics and manipulative games designed to maximize profits by minimizing claims. They just want to focus on their recovery and put this whole thing behind them. We understand.

Don't waste your time going back and forth with an insurance company. Call us. Your job is to get better. Our job is to handle the insurance companies.

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