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Have you, a family member or friend been arrested for domestic violence? This could lead to a restraining order, mandatory counseling and even jail time.

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It is a misconception that domestic violence charges only involve spouses or boyfriends and girlfriends. In Rhode Island, the Domestic Violence Prevention Act covers people who are married and dating, and it also applies to roommates and those who are not in relationships but have children together. Domestic violence includes, but is not limited to: spousal abuse, trespassing, kidnapping, sexual assault, stalking or cyberstalking, violating a no-contact order, refusal to relinquish a telephone, and breaking and entering.

Has A Restraining Order Been Filed Against You?

There are two general types of protective orders in Rhode Island: no-contact orders and civil restraining orders.

No-contact orders are issued by criminal courts during the arraignment — when domestic violence charges are filed. An NCO will remain in effect throughout the criminal case, unless a judge approves dropping it.

Civil restraining orders can be filed and granted regardless of whether there is a criminal case. This takes place in family law court and other civil courts, depending on the relation between the accuser and the defendant.

At Mesolella & Associates LLC, we know both civil court and criminal court and can defend your rights in both.

If you violate a no-contact order or a restraining order — even if your accuser wanted to see you or talk to you — you could face major penalties, including jail time.

Domestic violence cases are highly personal, and we will treat you with respect and dignity while helping you resolve all of the charges you face in the best possible way.

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