Criminal Defense Attorneys Based In Providence

Helping Good People Who Are In Bad Situations

The people who walk into our law office are good people who have found themselves in bad situations.

If you have been arrested for a crime, we will treat you with respect and dignity while protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom. At Mesolella & Associates LLC, we believe that every person, regardless of background and circumstances, deserves a strong criminal defense. We defend people against a variety of criminal accusations in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.

Aggressive Lawyers Standing Up For You

Most of our clients have never been in trouble with the law and they do not know what to expect. Others have criminal backgrounds, but they may not be aware of how a criminal history can severely influence the sentencing for even a minor criminal conviction.

We take it upon ourselves to educate our clients about their charges, their rights and their options. While our ultimate goal is always to have our clients' charges dismissed or to obtain acquittals, we will empower you to make decisions about how to proceed in your case.

Whether you are facing a host of speeding tickets, a DUI/DWI charge or domestic violence accusations, your case will receive thorough attention from our legal team. The partner lawyers at our firm handle every single case start to finish — we do not pass work off to paralegals and associates.

Free Case Reviews. Fair Legal Fees.

It is important to talk to a skilled criminal law attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. By speaking to the police before you have legal counsel you may unknowingly be giving up some of your rights. Every time you interact with the police you may be providing evidence that can be used against you.

We provide free case reviews to those who are facing criminal charges. Call (401) 400-3770 or fill out this form to schedule a consultation.

Our law office is located in downtown Providence, and we make jail and off-site visits.

We know that not everyone can afford skilled criminal defense counsel, and we will do our best to work within your budget. Flexible fee structures and payment plans are available.